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Step-by-step weight loss coaching with an online dietitian to give you freedom, energy and confidence.

If you’re a busy mum who dreams of feeling comfortable in your body but you have no idea how to make that happen without going on another diet, you’re in the right place.

You know you’re a great mum.

You make sure your kids are eating healthy and nourishing foods every day, but you don’t trust yourself to make the same great choices when it comes to your own nutrition.

Problem is, knowing what to eat is only one piece of the puzzle.  What you need is a non diet dietitian with a proven strategy that helps you settle into what is a natural weight for you… not more diet tips from some influencer on Instagram. I’ll help you block out all the noise and learn to trust your food choices.

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Note book and pencils ready to plan with Erin O'Neill APD flexible dieting coach in Australia

You know diets don’t work..

But you feel stuck and unsure of what to do instead to lose weight.

You need a flexible dieting coach. Let’s get you off the diet rollercoaster and eating like the intuitive eater you were born to be.  I know you’re busy building your career, chauffering your kids to footy training and trying to keep the spark alive in your marriage.  Imagine if you could free up some brain space each day by no longer obsessing about every food choice you make? I can help you feel empowered and protected from all gurus telling you what and how much to eat, and free from the burden of dieting.

You’re pretty good in the kitchen,

Or maybe you leave the cooking to your partner.  But either way, your menu could use some inspiration to help it become something you look forward to more than your kid’s bedtime.

Great news! I have a database of over 1500 recipes that I share with my clients to help them get out of their food rut without having to spend hours trolling recipe websites.  Because “What’s for dinner?” shouldn’t be such a hard question.

Busy mum cooking in the kitchen with male

You wish you could wear clothes that show your style…

and give you confidence.

Let’s start by getting you settled into what is a natural weight for you so that you can go shopping at your favourite shop with confidence.

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Not only did Erin help me lose weight, but I now feel in charge and capable.  The mindful eating is fabulous and made me question why I was really eating, if I am actually hungry and take charge of what I am eating.  It has also been extremely helpful to understand food is not a reward for hard work and every food group is ok in moderation. Dieting rules really change our perception of food and give us crazy ideas like cheat days are for going wild and chocolate is the devil.  Erin squashed the stupid rules and has proven moderation is key.

– Bec, Stay-at-home Mum of 5

Here’s how I can help you lose weight without following a restrictive diet or counting calories…

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Eating Made Easy is a 4-month 1:1 online weight loss program for busy mums who want to lose weight without having to count calories or follow a restrictive diet so they can wear the clothes they want, get their energy back and be a better role model for their children.


A 30-day intensive 1:1 online suport program designed to help you become aware of and overcome your emotional eating triggers.  Because let’s face it – you can’t lose weight and keep it off without first getting to the real cause of your overeating.  Learn how to stop using food for comfort.

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