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Weight Loss Coaching For Busy Mums

Easy Weight Loss For Musy Mums is a 4-month 1:1 weight loss program designed to help you lose weight naturally, even if you no longer believe you can.

You started dieting to lose weight, seeking happiness, energy and confidence

Confidence to wear clothes that show your personal style instead of the floral patterns that seem to dominate the plus-size section.

Energy to do things, anything!

And the happiness that comes with no longer having to constantly think about your weight.

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Photo of a busy mum with her head in a pillow sad that she has been dieting for years without any results

But things aren’t quite going as planned…

You’ve been dieting for years without consistent results.

You keep thinking your real life will begin when you finally lose weight.

You use food to help you cope with difficult feelings.

You feel like you’re in a constant battle with food.

I am the online weight loss coach you have been looking for!

Let me help you end the struggle! What you need is a new approach, some support, and accountability to help set you on the right track. And that is exactly what you will get in my 4-month 1:1 weight loss program, easy weight loss for busy Mums.

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Get started for only $160

Followed by additional weekly payments of $156
(for a total of $2500)

Ready to ditch the diets?

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This program is perfect for you if:

  • You feel weary of dieting but at the same time, you’re terrified of eating
  • You’re uncomfortable in your body but you don’t know how to change
  • You’re a motivated and solution-focused mum looking for advice and step-by-step support personalised to you, from someone who knows you need an approach that will fit in with your busy life.
  • You want the space in your mind to think about what’s important and a simple solution to losing weight that lasts without feeling deprived.  You just want to be able to eat chocolate without feeling guilty!


This is my expertise completely focused on you.  Your experience will be fully customised to your eating style and specific needs.  Here’s what you can expect:


As a result of the process I take you through, you will be able to return to your natural body weight and remain there.


Regain the pleasure and satisfaction that can be found in the eating experience and eat what you truly want.


– Wave the white flag and stop the food fight

– No more telling yourself you can’t or shouldn’t have a particular food

– No more thoughts in your head telling yourself you’re good for eating under 1000 calories or you’re bad for eating a chocolate biscuit.



You’ll strip away the guilt you once attached to eating certain foods and learn to trust yourself and live an unapologetic life.


You’ll get better at recognising what foods make you feel your best.  You’ll have more energy consistently throughout the day and you’ll know which food help your energy levels and which ones don’t.

Before I started working with Erin I was emotionally eating, hungry all the time, and eating chocolate or anything sweet at night.  I was over feeling tired and sluggish.  I wanted to feel healthy and energised.  Now I’ve learnt to eat when I’m hungry, fuel my body with the right foods, the importance of getting enough sleep and that I need to manage my stress levels better.  Working with Erin has changed my life!

– Jacqui, Full-time executive, Mum of 2

Get started for only $160

Followed by additional weekly payments of $156
(for a total of $2500)

Ready to ditch the diets?

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Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Unlimited coaching session with me over our four months together
  • A personalised meal guide (not a diet to follow) to support those who may have lost perspective or confidence in choosing what to eat
  • 10 new recipes to try out every fortnight to help break you out of your menu rut
  • Accountability!  You’ve already got a heap of diet books or workout apps taking up room on your phone.  What you need is someone to guide you through behaviour change and support you in moving forward
  • Daily Messenger support between sessions, because that’s when the tricky questions will come up.
  • A workbook that leads you through a series of thoughtful activities and strategies to cultivate your new approach to eating.

Erin knows (with pinpoint accuracy) what busy mums need to hear when it comes to weight loss coaching.  Knowledge is power and that is what sets Erin’s coaching apart.  Erin combines an in-depth knowledge of food science with practical day-to-day recipes and shopping lists that make sense.  Erin teaches you why “diets” don’t work on a cellular level.  You have a laugh along the way, but come away with a better understanding of nutrition and hunger.   All of sudden food is no longer the enemy and you have your power back. I’ve lost weight countless times before but she gently addressed the elephant in the room, “why did you put it back on?”  Using her own relatable horror stories of yo-yo dieting, Erin breaks down the everyday barriers to life-long weight loss and nurtures your new, healthier relationship with food.

Tracey, Writer and Mum of 3.


Step 1

Let’s Connect

Book your free session with me to discuss your weight loss goals, current struggles, and see if we go together like cinnamon and doughnuts.

Step 2

Dream Big & Set Goals

Get clear on your weight loss goal with my insight-induing worksheet designed to help motivate you to live the life you want.

Step 3

Ditch the Diets

Each session is fully customised to your current stage of progression in learning to break the diet cycle and you’ll walk away with clear action steps to implement between calls.



I teach my clients how to feel empowered and protected from outside forces telling you what and how much you should eat, and how your body should look through a process called Intuitive Eating, also known as The Non-Diet Approach.

It is an evidence-based approach with over 100 research studies to date supporting its benefits for the mind, body and soul.


From the research, we have learned that The Non-Diet Approach is associated with enhanced satisfaction with life, self-compassion, self-esteem, optimism and body appreciated.  It is also associated with lower markers of distress, body dissatisfaction, binge eating, uncontrolled eating, and depression.


Research has shown that The Non-Diet Approach is related to lower body fat percentage and a lower body mass index.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions then The Non-Diet Approach may help your body return to its natural weight level, which may be lower than your current weight, and remain there.

  • Have you routinely eaten beyond your comfortable fullness level?
  • Do you routinely overeat when you’re getting ready for your next diet?
  • Do you overeat as a coping mechanism in difficult times or to fill up time when you’re bored?
  • Have you been resistant to exercise?
  • Do you only exercise when you are dieting?
  • Do you skip meals or wait to eat until you are ravenously hungry, only to find you overeat when you do?
  • Do you feel guilty, either when you overeat or when you eat what you call a “bad” food, which results in more overeating?

I am registered in Australia with all of the major private health funds.  Depending on your level of cover you may be eligible to make a claim with your health fund to recover some of the cost of your coaching sessions.


I live in a small rural town in Queensland called Boonah… we even have our own town cat named Gerald.  But I’m only a 1-hour drive from Brisbane, and I work with busy mums all over Australia (thank you internet!).

Photo of Erin O'Neill APD wearing a white t-shirt, enjoying a chocolate, ready for you to contact her to lose weight easily

Get started for only $160

Followed by additional weekly payments of $156
(for a total of $2500)

Ready to ditch the diets?

Weight-loss coaching for busy mums all over Australia