Hey there busy mums! Today I want to give you the scoop on healthy snacks to help you lose weight, plus my other snacking secrets.

I love to snack. It’s hard not to as a busy mum. We have so much going on! It can be challenging to find the time to take a break amongst the chaos and enjoy a full meal. So today, I am going to share with you the secret to making healthy snacks and how to use snacking to your benefit instead of your weight loss saboteur.

First things first:

When should I be having healthy snacks?

The answer is, when you’re hungry.

Our bodies rely on external energy provisions (this is a fancy way of saying “food”). When our energy levels within us are low – our hunger cues are designed to let us know! This is when you start thinking about what foods you want to eat, you get a growl in your stomach, or just the general awareness of food and being hungry.

The key to knowing when to snack versus when to have a meal depends on the timing! If it’s in between your normal eating times, you’ll generally want a snack or just something to get your through until your next meal. 

It’s okay to feel hungry, and it’s okay to listen to your body and eat when you feel those hunger cues – so don’t ignore them if you feel them!

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Okay, I need a snack. But what do I eat??

Great! So glad you decided to have a snack and listen to your body! Whenever you go to grab a snack look for the Power Four:

  1. PROTEIN: This macronutrient keeps you feeling fuller for longer. You’ll find it in animal meats, nuts, seeds, legumes/lentils, and dairy products, like milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  2. FAT: This macronutrient is the slowest to leave the stomach – keeping you satisfied for longer. You’ll find it nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, animal proteins, and full fat dairy products.
  3. CARBOHYDRATE: This macronutrient is your body’s preferred fuel source – so make sure you’re eating it consistently throughout your day. Fruits, some vegetables, milk, yoghurt, bread, rice, pasta and legumes are excellent sources.
  4. FIBRE: (My favourite nutrient – I’ve got a bit of a crush on fibre) This will make up the BULK in your snacks – letting you eat more to stay both satisfied and fueled. Find this in fruits and veggies, rice and other grains, nuts and seeds.
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How do you combine the Power Four into healthy snacks?

Just like this:

  • Handful of nuts
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Veggies + Dip
    • Try hummus, cream cheese, salsa, beetroot dips, black bean dips, nuts dips like peanut or almond butter.
    • I L.O.V.E peanut butter on red capsicum
  • Fruit and nut butter. Think banana and peanut butter, Granny Smith apple with almond butter.
  • Avocado Toast
  • Yoghurt + fruit + muesli
  • Cheese + whole-grain crackers
    • Add veggies for an added bonus!

There is almost no limit to creating healthy snacks when you use the Power Four ingredients – just ask me! I use a ‘Snack Bible’ that’s full of loads of tasty, filling and weight loss friendly snack with all my clients. It helps them create the perfect snack, keep them entertained in their food choices, and keep them on their weight loss journey. You can find out more about working with me here.