Are you tired of following restrictive diets or giving up your favourite foods?

Stop stressing about food and feeling guilty about what you eat – in just 30 days – with my 30-day End Emotional Eating Intensive for busy mums.

Have you ever lost weight, but then struggled to keep it off?


Maybe you’ve tried:

  • Counting calories, 
  • Experimenting with cleanses and detoxes,
  • Following meal plans, 
  • Drinking mummy shakes, or
  • Restricting food after 7pm 


And maybe it worked for a while…

But since you’re here reading this there’s a good chance you’re still struggling to keep the weight off for good.

 So, what do you do instead?

Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years of personal experience and professional training it’s that…

Ditching the restrictive diet mentality and learning how to understand your emotional eating triggers is THE THING that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Photo of Erin O'Neill APD wearing a white top, smiling, while slicing pear on a chopping board

Hi, I’m Erin O’Neill,

I’m an Accredited Practising Dietitian and busy mum who has ended her emotional eating.

Knowing my emotional eating triggers and being aware of my real hunger is exactly how I’ve lost weight without dieting or giving up my favourite foods and kept it off for the past 2 years.

So, if you’re sick of going on and off the diet roller coaster, please do NOT waste one more precious minute (or dollar) on cleanses, detoxes, diet foods, meal plans, or mummy shakes.

The only approach that’s truly gonna work is one that you can do for life and I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t wanna drink shakes or go without chocolate for the rest of my life.

Imagine if you could lose weight with ease AND still eat your favourite foods whenever you want WITHOUT feeling guilty?

Think about what life would be like if you no longer thought about food all day long and you could just get on with raising happy kids, deepening your relationship with your partner and smashing your career goals!


That’s exactly what I helped my client, Julie, do.


I have to tell you that the mindful eating/emotional eating work you set me to do has been quite a journey. However, I’ve gone from 83kg to 76kg, returned to the gym, and made great strides in recognising why I feel compelled to comfort myself with food – then choose an appropriate activity to do instead to bring me comfort. Some days are diamonds, some are not, but the process is ongoing and I have an anchor to hold my thinking. Much love and with gratitude  x.


Teacher and Busy Mum of 4

So that easy weight loss I told you about above? It can be yours!


Not only that, once you learn to strengthen your coping mechanisms for dealing with your feelings you will feel an inner conviction to give up using food to cope with emotional situations going forward.

The first step to everlasting weight loss without dieting is knowing your emotional eating triggers and being aware of real hunger.

Let’s face it – you can’t lose weight and keep it off without first getting to the real cause of your overeating.  Most traditional “diets” don’t address this pieces and that’s why they don’t work…


The way I see it, you’ve got 3 choices:

  1. Keep waiting for the next new diet to try out.
  2. Keep wasting money on ordering calorie controlled meals week after week that you don’t even really like to eat.
  3. Get to the bottom of what’s driving your eating behaviours so you can finally lose weight and keep it off WITHOUT having to follow a restrictive diet ever again.

As a dietitian, I know how the body works and what it needs each day to be happy.

I’m also a busy mum, like you, and I know you don’t have the time each day to be spinning your wheels trying to figure out your emotional eating on your own.

The reason I’ve been able to lose weight without going on a diet and keep it off for 2 years now is that I’ve been able to get to a place where I trust my body to tell me what it needs and I listen carefully to what it’s asking of me.

And I’ve helped lots of my clients do the same. 

I’ve been there, done all the work and read all the books so that you don’t have to.

Mother and her two children in the country setting not worring about emotional eating



INTRODUCING… The End Emotional Eating 30-Day Intensive


A 45-min Initial Consultation

A 45-minute Zoom session where we’ll work together to figure out if your non-hungry eating is based on difficulties you’re having handling emotions or if it’s something else that’s making it hard for you to hear and respond to the needs of your body in a timely manner.

This isn’t just a eat this, don’t eat that session, this is me and you getting to the bottom of what is behind your eating decisions and what you really need in those times when you want to continue eating even though you aren’t hungry and your body doesn’t need any nourishment.


30-min Follow-Up Consultations

Each week, we’ll meet for a follow-up session where we’ll discuss what you’re learning about your emotional eating triggers and the strategies you’ll use to continue to overcome your emotional eating.


30-days of Messaging Support

Following your first session, you’ll get access to daily messenger support with me for 30 days, so I can provide in the moment guidance and support as you learn and practice new ways to cope with your emotions and become aware of your hunger.


A 3-Step End Emotional Eating Plan

Over the 30-day intensive, we’ll come up with a personalised 3-step End Emotional Eating Plan to get you coping with your emotions WITHOUT using food so that you can say goodbye to overeating and lose weight without feeling deprived.

BONUS: An End Emotional Eating PDF Guide

This guide will show you the exact steps you need to take to end emotional eating.  You’ll be able to use this to keep learning and practising new ways to cope with your emotions long after your intensive is over.

Here’s what my clients have said…

Maxine, Work-from-home Mum of 1

After having my son I struggled with what foods to eat and how to make sure my son ate the right foods too.  Being able to talk to someone who understands the struggles of being a mum and business owner and how we prioritise everyone else’s needs in front of our own really helped.  I now know food is just food and it wont fix emotions.  After just one session working with Erin I’ve lost 1.5 kilos and tuned into my body and what it actually needs instead of just eating for the sake of it even when I’m not hungry.

Jacqui, Full-time Executive and Mum of 2

Before I started working with Erin I was emotionally eating, hungry all the time, and eating chocolate or anything sweet at night.  I was over feeling tired and sluggish.  I wanted to feel healthy and energised.  Now I’ve learnt to eat when I’m hungry, fuel my body with the right foods, the importance of getting enough sleep and that I need to manage my stress levels better.  Working with Erin has changed my life!

Tracey, Work-from-home Mum of 3

Erin knows (with pinpoint accuracy) what busy mums need to hear when it comes to weight loss coaching. Knowledge is power and that is what sets Erin’s coaching apart. Erin combines an in-depth knowledge of food science with practical day-to-day recipes and shopping lists that make sense. Erin teaches you why “diets” don’t work on a cellular level. You have a laugh along the way, but come away with a better understanding of nutrition and hunger.  All of sudden food is no longer the enemy and you have your power back. I’ve lost weight countless times before but she gently addressed the elephant in the room, “why did you put it back on?” Using her own relatable horror stories of yo-yo dieting, Erin breaks down the everyday barriers to life-long weight loss and nurtures your new, healthier relationship with food.



I am registered in Australia with all of the major private health funds.  Depending on your level of cover you may be eligible to make a claim with your health fund to recover some of the cost of your nutrition consultation.


I live in Brisbane and I work online with busy mums all over Australia (thank you internet!).