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Ditching the diets is a terrifying thought.  Even though you hate dieting and you don’t want to do it anymore, there’s a part of it that’s comforting because it’s familiar.

And what if do give up dieting, and you gain weight?

You know that if you go on a diet, at least you’re not gonna put on any more weight.

You know you might not lose weight, but at least you’re not gonna keep putting on weight.

So the worst thing that can happen, the worst possible outcome is – you just won’t lose weight.

Things aren’t gonna get any worse than where they are now, except you just know in your heart that you just can’t keep dieting.

It’s just too tiring and you don’t wanna do it anymore.


Dieting can also be a defence or push back against our culture that has an obsession with thinness.

At least when you’re dieting you feel like you’re doing something about it and you’re seen to be doing something about it.

So it’s like, “Yes, I weigh more than I “should”, but I’m doing something about it”.

And without that, how do you defend yourself to our culture that idolises thinness?

I want you to know that I’ve got you.  It’s gonna be okay.

I know that this is scary.

I know that dieting feels safe, it’s what we’ve been taught, it’s what you’re used to.

But, let go of the reins a little bit, I’m here.

It’s really scary, and it’s normal to be scared.

Photo of Erin O'Neill online weight loss coach wearing a bright red top, smiling, and holding a piece of watermelon in her hand.

Hi! I’m Erin, a dietitian here to help you ditch the diets so you can find your happy weight for good this time and finally feel calm and at peace with food.

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This quiz is adapted from Tracy Tylka’s research on Intuitive Eaters (2006).

It will give you an indication about how strong of a hold diet culture has on you and where you could start to do the work to ditch the diet rules.