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Does losing weight feel like it’s just not possible for you?


You’re a busy mum who dreams of losing weight but sticking to a diet just doesn’t fit in with your busy family lifestyle.

Everything that you do each day revolves around making sure you don’t put on any more weight whilst trying to lose it, and deep down you feel like you’re destined to be overweight, or maybe you’re not meant to be thin.

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Let me introduce myself...

I’m Erin O’Neill, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD).  I teach women who are struggling with weight loss, how to lose weight, increase their energy, and enjoy living a full life, without having to follow a restrictive diet or count calories. I am the weight loss dietitian you have been looking for!


I started my career working at some of Queensland’s largest hospitals back in 2003.  I’ve supported many people with a range of health conditions.


But my real passion is helping women who are struggling with weight loss.  I get so much joy and satisfaction out of supporting them to lose weight.  Because doing it on your own is hard, right?


The good news is I’m here to help you implement proven treatments and strategies that will achieve for you the permanent weight loss you desire. I’ve helped other women implement these many times before and I’m here to show you how you can too.


Learn more about my program and working with me.

How I can help you lose weight and gain energy…

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Weight Loss Coaching for Busy Mums

Discover what’s really behind your weight loss struggles, why diets have failed you in the past, and what to do instead to finally live in a body that gives you confidence.

What clients say…

“Erin makes great suggestions that are practical and achievable. You will feel confident about eating well and its easier than you think after seeing Erin.”

- Rebecca, Health Professional and Mum to 1

“Not only did Erin help me lose weight, but I now feel in charge and capable, the mindful eating is fabulous and made me question why I was really eating, if I am actually hungry and take charge of what I am eating.  It has also been extremely helpful to understand food is not a reward for hard work and every food group is ok in moderation. Dieting rules really change our perception of food and give us crazy ideas like cheat days are for going wild and chocolate is the devil.  Erin squashed the stupid rules and has proven moderation is key.” 

- Bec, Stay-at-home-mum of 5

“Erin is knowledgeable and incredibly professional in the work she does. Her passion for helping others on their journey to better health is obvious. She is supportive and ready to listen. Highly recommend Erin and the work she does.”

- Lisa, Teacher and Mum of 2

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